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CD - Banda jedna


CD Pavian records 2014

After years there is a further, second studio album of our band. To make a butterfly lightness impression we had to work hard as horses. Again, we browsed collections, records and our own memory to select songs which could be interesting in our presentation. You can buy it at:
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Banda jedna
Banda one
CD Pavian records 2010

The process of birth of our first CD resembles that of a dinosaurus egg. It took 5 years until it reaached the ears of our patient fans.You can buy it at:
For free listening use:

For our discofils we offer older CDs from our studies of traditional music as well. They can be reached through our web page only (in case of interes please write us):

Na Mijave na rínečku, Pro Etno 2015 (Traditional music from western part of Slovakia)
The world of folk dances 1: Šariš, Spiš, Zemplín ( Slov-folk tourist 2001 )
The world of folk dances 2: Gemer-Malohont, Čierny Balog, Horehronie (Slov-folk tourist 2002)
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