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CD - Banda jedna

Banda´s song “Nadeja” become a soundtrack of the TV serial

Newly released mysteries series “1890” of the JOJ TV used the Banda´s song Nadeja as its soundtrack. The song cauht a fancy of the authors of the serial as far as they asked Samo Smetana to rewrite the original lyrics. The song has an interesting history: it was originaly recorded in 2011 for the first Banda´s CD Banda jedna. Yet, due to lack of space it finally made it to the second CD called HraBanda only. Nadeja, actually the most succesful Banda´s song at the “World Music Charts by Ethnocloud”, was originally sung by the traditional women choir Trnki from Banská Bystrica. For the purposes of the series it was recorded with the famous Slovak singer Juraj Benetin from the Korben Dallas band.

Publikoval admin dna 13. March 2017