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Great success for the Slovak world music scene!

Great success for the Slovak world music scene! Banda will take a part at the international showcase festival WOMEX 2017 in October, 26th!

17. July 2017

Banda´s song “Nadeja” become a soundtrack of the TV serial

Newly released mysteries series “1890” of the JOJ TV used the Banda´s song Nadeja as its soundtrack. The song cauht a fancy of the authors of the serial as far as they asked Samo Smetana to rewrite the original lyrics. The song has an interesting history: it was originaly recorded in 2011 for the first Banda´s CD Banda jedna. Yet, due to lack of space it finally made it to the second CD called HraBanda only. Nadeja, actually the most succesful Banda´s song at the “World Music Charts by Ethnocloud”, was originally sung by the traditional women choir Trnki from Banská Bystrica. For the purposes of the series it was recorded with the famous Slovak singer Juraj Benetin from the Korben Dallas band.

13. March 2017

Festival Pohoda 2016


Traditionally, we were hosted by the NAY Dance House of the Pohoda 2016 festival. On Friday, July 8, 2016 within which we provided music for the dance instruction of the Horehronie region traditional dances. Our performance was colorful – after some time our friends from the dance groups Partia, Credance danced with us and those from the traditional vocal group Trnki from Banská Bystrica sang with us. Cool.

29. September 2016

Night at Festival Východná 2016




The night concert at Východná (Traditional Folklor Festival) from 2nd to 3rd July 2016 was the end of our weekend tour full of traveling and playing. The audience sang with us practically the whole concert – we have never received such a flood of energy before and we have never needed it so much as that night. Dear audience, many thanks!


29. September 2016

In July in “Woodstock”

Don’t miss the first Slovak Woodstock type festival Drienok. We did not miss it and right on the first school vacations day (July 1, 2016) we hurried to Mošovce. Colorful girls, barefoot kids, exotic foods, dreads, blankets, pillows, swimming pools, joy. Playing (and drinking) was superb.

29. September 2016

Banda played in Netherlands


This May, we performed open-air in the Dutch Tilburg, as guests of the International Gipsy Festival (May 28, 2016). The destination was far, the atmosphere was charming, the square was full, the bicycles dismounted. The life and soul of the festival, Dré Spangers, is a character, helping Gipsies not only in the Netherlands. It was an honor for us…


29. September 2016

Banda released CD of traditional songs “ Na Mijave na rínečku“








The source of inspiration for releasing of this CD was a collection of song from Myjava and its surrounding published in 70th by Samo´s father Miloš Smetana. Myjava is a little town in western part of Slovakia, place of family roots of our band leader Samo Smetana. Together with the CD also reedition of the old colletion was issued. You can see some photos from the celebration of this here.

26. November 2015

They play us in Israel

The dust of the Ostrava´s blast-furnace has still not disappread from us and we have got a message they play us in Israeli radio! In reportage from the festival Colours of Ostrava in Czech republic Banda has been released too. Try to listen here:

5. August 2015

1th post in July Top 40 of Ethnocloud !

July was not just a month of temperature peaks, dear friends! In Top 40 Tracks of World Music Charts by Ethnocloud we reached in July the following rates:
Nádeja – 1th p o s t !
Javor – 15th post
Javor (video clip) – 21th post
Thanks for supporting us!

31. July 2015

Our first showcase!

We have been at our first showcase! Crossroads is its name and took place in July 15th as a part of a famour Czech festival Colours of Ostrava. It´s a kind of market of bands introducing themselves in front of music producers, promoteurs, managers in order to “be bought”. So we have shown our teeth and muscle and now, Got help us, perhaps it would bring something to us…

Have a look at some photos:
click here.
But we´ve got also some video:

Responds were not bad: (here and here)

17. July 2015