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CD - Banda jedna
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We have got the the Radio Head Award 2018 in the World/Folk Category

Finaly we have succeeded. We really did not expect it. In our cathegory there were many strong nominations and won´t you look at that! We really have won it!
The photo is not from the Radio Head Award Ceremony. It is from the Station Žilina-Záriečie where we all have finnaly met for the gig and enjoyed the moment of our small victory together.


13. May 2019

The most impressive album that Banda has made.” Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots Magazine

It seems that our CD TELEGRAFY has attracted also attention abroad! We are happy for highly positive review from the well-known British musician and publicist in the world music scene that has been published in the prestigious fRoots Magazine.
You can find the full text here:

13. May 2019